Monday, November 1, 2010

Grandparent's Day in Room 31

On Friday, it was Grandparent's Day.  Firstly, we welcomed our grandparents to Room 31.  Brooke and Brodie told what was going to happen in Room 31.  Then, the Year 4 Singing Group sang to the Grandparents.  A few of the children share some of their funny poems.  Everyone in Room 31 were pleased to meet the grandparents.

Then, we did some bowl art which was planned to do with the grandparents.  The bowl art was inspired by a South African hand-painted bowl that one of the students brought. On the inside of the bowl, there is a wild animal such as zebras, giraffes and lions.  On the outside, there is a border that you could choose from .  Lots of people finished their bowl arts quickly so they could show their grandparents around the school.

After lunch, we did an assembly for the grandparents.  In assembly, we talked about how much grandparents mean to children.  We had great fun on this annual day.

(Written by Leah)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zoo Trip

Last Friday, we finally went on our long-awaited trip to the zoo.  There were storm warnings but the teachers remained positive.  Five Year 4 classes went but it was that much more fun to be roaming around the beautiful Auckland Zoo.  We got to see some frogs and leg-less lizards up close and personal during our lesson in the classroom with Jenny.  We got to walk about the zoo in our groups freely which was the funnest part of the trip.  We had to cut our trip an hour short because it started raining but we were all very satisfied with the trip as we got to see some beautiful and amazing animals.  Miss Ahn got a bit of a scare when the lion decided to come right up to the glass and started roaring at her and her students but we knew we were safe. 

Friday, September 10, 2010


Glitter Text

As some of you may know we have been writing our speeches on the topic, "Best Journey Ever."  The journey could be from a real journey that we experienced ourselves, a journey we are looking forward to, or an imaginary journey of all kinds.

This was so much fun as the speech competition took us to journeys into Star Wars planets, Fantasy Kingdoms, Australia, America and even some people's Dream Worlds.  We have shared these speeches on our Student Blogs but here's the catch.  We disguised our voices not for our protection but for fun.  So, if you click to hear Hayden's speech and hear a squirrel's voice, don't be alarmed.

A quick honourable mention to the Room 31 speech finalists Brooke and Sachi.  They did such an awesome job their teacher was so proud of them today at the Year 4 Speech Competition.  They had to give their speech in front of hundreds of children and adults.  On top of that, they had to speak without microphones because 'volume' was one of the criteria for the judges.