Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buddhist Temple Trip

Written by Sara and Rohan

On the 18 June, we went to the Buddhist Temple.  We went there because it was related to our topic for this term.  At the temple, we got into groups Each class had a different name.  Room 13's name was compassion.  Room 29's name was wisdom.  Room 31's name was vow, which I(Sara) did not really like.  Last of all, Room 30's name was practice.  Each class got a different coloured sticker so they know what group they're in.

First, all of the groups did some Tai Chi, which is like exercise.  Rohan didn't want to do it.  Jaden shouted out that his back was murdering him because we had to do it for a long time.  After Tai Chi, the wisdom group and the compassion group went for a tour.  The practice group and vow group went to do some origami.

At origami, we made paper lotus.  We also learnt some Chinese characters.  Sachi and Ashleigh from Room 30 won prizes because they wrote the best.  Then it was our turn for the tour.  We walked around the temple and learned about the temple and China.  Our last stop was the main hall where the teacher told us a story.  At the end of our trip we took a group photo.  It was an awesome day.


  1. i wish i could go there every day

  2. my brother wants to go there