Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Calendar, Homework and Wikispace

Another update to our wikispace!
A few exciting features have been added to our wikispace:
  • Calendar -  Now you can stay up-to-date with all the important dates relating to our class.  The 'Current Events' schedule has also been added to this calendar, so each student knows when they are supposed to do their current events report.  (Although this will stay current, you are advised to refer to the school newsletter for important dates)
  • Current Events - The students will not be taking home their current events cards.  Instead they will be asked to refer to this page to do their current events report.  Some useful sites for current events have been included on this page.
  • Lino Wall & Answer Garden - We use these pages to share ideas or brainstorm ideas on a topic.  You are welcome to check out what we have been up to on these pages.
  • Inventions and Inventors Check out some useful links on our topic for this term.  Some of our topic work will be posted under this heading.

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