Thursday, April 29, 2010


Written by Jaden and Karla
Last Sunday was Anzac Day. In class, we learned ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. On Anzac Day we remember all the soldiers that have fought in a war. We watched some video clips of an Anzac service and interviews of people who have been in an army or air force. We wear poppies on Anzac Day.

We also made poppy collages. We drew a poppy and used ripped up magazine bits to create the poppy. We thought that it was awesome! I (Jaden) liked the bit when we used the pastels. It was a little difficult. I really enjoyed making the poppies.

We also looked at an article online about a helicopter crash on Anzac Day and talked about it. On Anzac day there was a helicopter flying to the service for the Anzac day when it was foggy and the pilots had an accident and crashed. 3 died but one survived with serious injuries. We felt sad about the three men who died.
New Zealand Herald article about the accident.


  1. It is good to hear you spent time thinking about others. I really like your flowers they look wonderful.

  2. Great artwork, I love your poppies and is great to hear you are learning about our history regarding Anzac day. From Josh's mum