Monday, May 3, 2010

BEES Group Adventure

Written by Olivia

Last Friday, Akshaya, Mary, myself and Mrs. Rhodes, who is the teacher for our BEES group, visited four Enviro schools. BEES group stands for Beautification and Enrichment of the Environment and Sustainability. We went because the Enviro group wanted to see different Enviro schools so we could figure out some things we could do for Point View School.

First we drove to East Tamaki School. When we first got there they served us some Anzac biscuits that the students made. The biscuits weren't very round but they were delicious. Then the students showed us around the school. We saw some water tanks. They were for collecting their own water. They had quite big herb gardens. They put flowers to stop the bugs from eating the herbs. When the herbs are ready, they will pick them and use them for cooking.
Link to East Tamaki School

Then we went to Drury School. They also showed us around the school. They had lots of worm farms and they get five milk bottles of worm tea a week. We also got some potatoes and kumara. They showed us their Chinese gooseberry bush that they eat whenever they have ripe fruit. When they are yellow, that means they are ripe.
Link to Drury School

The next school we went to was Red Hill School. At Red Hill we went to the nursery which used to be the old pool, which was very dirty. They drained all the water out and turned it into the nursery which had all the plants. Some were for sale and some weren't. They served us lunch as well.

The bus went to Edmund Hillary School. At the assembly there, Akshaya, Mary, Mrs.Rhodes and I presented strawberries to the principal. Then they showed us around their school. Akshaya found a big banana leaf because they had quite big banana trees. They had made their own compost bins made out of wood.

I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed what all the schools did for us.

Here are some pictures that I took around our school. Have a look at what we're doing to keep our school green.


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