Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Greatest Feat

Written by:  Brodie, Crystal, Leah
Room 31 is doing a programme called, "My Greatest Feat" because we want to stay active, strong and stay fit.  We also wanted to enter this programme because we wanted to escort the All Whites to their historic FIFA World Cup kick off match.

You can find the website on  You can enter steps daily if you register on the website.  It is free to sign up.  Also, you can buy a pedometer for two dollars at McDonalds or get it for free when you register.  We got ours for free because we registered as a class.  Walking is fun when you enter 'My Greatest Feat' because you get expensive prizes if you win.  The players from the All Whites will also appreciate the walking for them.

The prizes you can get are:  return flight to South Africa, Airport Transfers and all ground transportation, accomodation, meals and travel insurance and lots more.


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