Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Written by Katrina and Alka

Last Thursday and Friday we had technology.  We were so excited.  We made an ancient Chinese tool called abacus.  Some people still use this now.

The first step was cutting the wood to make the outside of the abacus.   The second step was gluing all the pieces together.  (There were four pieces for each abacus.)  Then the next step was drilling the wood to make holes and after we put on long sticks then we put the beads in for the counting.  Most of us put the beads on our abacus on Friday.  The girls used the pretty beads.  Mr Rankin had named one sort of beads 'cheapies' but the girls used them anyway.  There were many heart shapes, stars, and many different colours like pink, purple, green, blue and orange.  After we put the beads in we pushed the sticks up from the bottom, then we got some hot glue gun and glued it altogether.  Did you know that Miss Ahn used to know how to use the abacus?  But she forgot.

We had the most fun technology days.  We are keeping them in our desks so we can use them for maths.

P.S.  Please check out our slideshow of the technology day on our wikispace.


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